It’s easy to think that the SDGs are something for governments to deliver, after all it was 193 governments that agreed to them. But delivering the goals will have an impact on business - governments will introduce new policy, regulation, incentives and taxes to drive new behaviours. So expectations are high that business will play a key role in helping to achieve the Goals. CEOs will want to know how their business helps or hinders the SDGs being delivered and identify opportunities too.

Which SDGs are relevant to you and your business? Please select by one of the following: industry OR territory OR theme

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At PwC, we believe that the Global Goals are a game changer for the planet and that business can a make a significant contribution to help achieve them. You may find some results surprising and unexpected, but they are driven by complex data sets aligned to the underlying targets - talk to Louise Scott or your local PwC team to discuss. Or Find out more about how we are helping business to understand the risks and opportunities.

What drives the SDG Selector? In our 2015 readiness research for “Make it your business”, we asked business leaders which SDGs they thought their business had an impact on and which might be an opportunity for them going forward – their responses drive the industry SDG selections. Our Global Business Navigator tool takes over 200 data sources to score countries performance against each SDG target - this data drives the country SDG selection. We’ve also cut the SDGs by theme – people, prosperity, planet, peace and partnership.